Knee & Elbow Pain

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Six weeks post treatment, I have had soreness in my knees and elbows, or what feels to be behind/back side of these areas, for about a week.  Has anyone else experienced this?




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    I have never related my joint pain to my treatment, other than my occasional hip pain and stiffness.  I am 64 years old, so any joint pain other than that is most likely just related to age.  I have a lot of knee pain, but I am a runner and that is most likely the cause.  I'm sorry you are in pain.

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    finger joint pain

    I'm about 9 months post treatment and a few months ago all the joints in my fingers started hurting.    It comes and goes and stretching seems to help so I'm not too worried about it.  If it's bad, I would check with your doctor, there may be some PT you can do to help.  Good luck!


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    Yes, I understand you

    Yes, I understand you perfectly. But, unfortunately, it takes time for the knee to recover.