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i developed lower than average Sodium from Chemo a yr ago.  Since thanI have been hospitalized 2xwith low Sodium.  Just got released from My second trip were I dropped to a record breaking 109, which I had a seizure than a stroke.  Not a good gift for your 60th birthday. So know another side effect from. Chemo.  So tired of No saliva, dry mouth having to watch fluid intake & being hospitalized for sodium drops.  Really don't need another Sodium Drop & stroke.   Not fun at all. So be careful if you get this problem !!!! 





  • SuzJ
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    Drink Gatorade, eat salt on everything


    "smart water" has the other things you need also

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    be better


    I am sorry that you have been having such a time getting to your new normal. Hopefully, the regular side effects (tired, no saliva, dry mouth) are all you have to get used to moving forward. 

    Be careful.


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    Have you tried cupping to get chemo out of your body after treatment? My husband is almost finished with week 2 of 7 chemo radiation treatments. The practitioner who does cupping & acupuncture for me was telling me about cupping on a cancer survivor. She said the first time she did it the woman was really sick for a few days as it pulled the chemo out of her muscles, but got better each successive time. Just a suggestion- I do not claim to be an expert.