My Mother has Soft Tissue Leiomyosarcoma in Thigh 35+cm tumor

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Hi, I really don't know what to say so I'll just start at the beginning. 

My siblings and I all have a strained relationship with our mother for different reasons, and we've all had to distance ourselves, not only for ourselves but for our children's mental well being.

Im only mentioning this because by the time she called me concerned about a lump she found in her leg, it was the size of a baseball, she had an appointment and her doctor ordered an MRI. She came to show me about a week later and I could feel this mass on her thigh, it had grown and now was about 10 inches long.

Fast forward another week to her doctor ordering a biopsy and receiving the dreaded cancer call 3 days after that. 

She has been wanting to bury her head in the sand, which I understand but she literally took off for the ocean after the call, she didn't want to talk to doctors, didn't want to think about treatment. So while she was gone my siblings and I started working, sorting through her insurance, talking to specialists trying to get appointments, and trying tout do research on her particular cancer. 

She came home finally last week and we met her for lunch to come up with a game plan with her,  her tumor is completely wrapped completely around her thigh, my sister is in the medical field and estimates it's at least 36 cms. 

She has been dropping weight for months, at this point she is just skin and bones, everytime i see her she is a bit weaker, more tired, shes speaking quietly. I feel a bit like I'm walking through molasses, and my head is in a fog.

The good news is we got an appointment for her for this friday :)

I just feel overwhelmed with all of this.

I guess my questions are if there is anyone that has gone through this as well? I don't even know what to ask her doctors. It's happening so fast. Can this particular cancer really be taking my mother this quickly?