Ding! Ding!

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I never felt like ringing the bell when I finished chemo because I still had radiation to get through and then I lost my dad without getting to see him when we were originally supposed to have gone for a visit the week I ended up having having my surgery. That will haunt me forever.

My one year anniversary was Aug. 31, but I still didn't feel like doing a happy dance then either because I had all of these tests coming up (labs, colonoscopy, CAT scan, mammogram) that have had me more nervous than a cat trapped in a dog kennel.

It's been 10 years since I had my first colonoscopy and I've since found out that I have Lynch Syndrome. It so would be the icing on the cake after everything I've already been through if anything was found during that test. Unfortunately there was, but happily the GI doctor is calling it a benign anal polyp. I'm not happy about having to go to a surgeon to have it removed (OUCH!!), but better that than the alternative, eh?

My labs are normal!  My CAT scan is normal! My mammo is normal! For some reason I'm crying, but hey! Ding! Ding!


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    Ding Ding Ding !!

    Great news all around - except for the polyp, but hey that's normal for anyone. Hope you fully enjoy this wonderful news !

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    That's wonderful news. Go ahead and feel happy.  It's not so easy for us to turn the corner and consider ourselves normal again.  Best wishes on your journey back to "boring." Oldbeauty

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    Normal is pretty darn great, enjoy.  Let your tears wash away all the old worries.

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    congratulations! I lost my grand baby girl 2 months before being diagnosed with uterine cancer 3C2, but I rang that bell after chemo after radiation after brachytherapy and I absorbed it all because I still want to be around for my next grand baby and however many more God puts in my hand. Cry all you want, but be joyful in your tomorrows!

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    Love to you MABOUND

    Everybody should be able to do their journey their way- it's ok Kiss  I'm so sorry about your not seeing your daddy- You will see him again.  Ringing the bell with you today and celebrating with you because TODAY is GOOD!   (((HUGS)))

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    Whew, that is great news. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your impending surgery.

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    Celebrate your victories!

    Celebrate your victories!  Congratulations to you.  It's encouraging to us all to hear the successes.

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    Thanks Everyone!

    It was kind of weird for me to get all emotional yesterday, but I guess I had a lot saved up inside.

    Old Beauty, you hit the nail on the head; it is hard to start thinking that maybe I can be normal again...I'm so afraid that starting to believe that will jinx something and then there's the guilt issue.

    Hma4...I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your granddaughter at such a time, not  that there's ever a good time for something like that to happen. I lost a baby 36 years ago and it's still an arrow in my heart everytime I hear of someone else going through such a loss. One goes on, but you never forget.

    Again, thanks everyone  for your good wishes and support even as you are dealing with your own ups and downs. In such an angry world, it feels good to have a place to come where you can count on finding kindness and strength when you need it.

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    Just read your great news. So

    Just read your great news. So happy for you MA. I hope that good cry cleaned out all of the pushed back emotions and that you have a wonderful day today.

    I also have Lynch and just completed my colonoscopy, endoscopy and mamagram last month. No polyps in my colon this time but I had a small one in my stomach. Still better than two years ago where I had 3 of them in my stomach. All benign.  I will hit my two year post treatment anniversary the end of January. I can tell you it does get easier as time goes on. I think we will always be sensitive to pains and changes but that isn't such a bad thing. It is learning not to worry about it while getting it checked out that challenges us.

    Love and Hugs,


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    That is wonderful!!!!!

    That is wonderful!!!!!



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    Happy days ahead, finally!

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     Ongrats MA! Ring those bells

     Ongrats MA! Ring those bells,

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    I hear those bells!   Ding! Ding! Ding!

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    MA bound.   I have been so

    MA bound.   I have been so busy lately but have been reading  a little on this boeard.  I read yours and it reminded me of all the others of us that were doing treatment at the same time.  I too have been tinking about how its been almost a year.  I too didnt want to celebrate ringing the bell.  I did it because my dad wanted me to.  I knew ringing the bell ment i had to get sick one more time and didnt want too do that.  I had alot ahead of me.  I had to go back to work and that was so scary.  I didnt know if I could do it and didnt know how I would be treated or even for a time i didnt know if I was going to get my job back.  I remember I had to come here to this board often to get support durrring recovery.  I was scared to go back to normal life and it took a while.  It was still a day at time thing.  I Still to this day cant remember when I ended chemo.  It was some time towards the end of Oct.  

    Sorry to hear about your dad and how you didnt get to see him.  Thanks for fighting with me when you did.  Best wishes for you and tour future 

    Love Janae

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    Glad things are going well

    Glad you are doing well now. I too have Lynch syndrome and have to get colonoscopies every year now (thank you genetics) and had my first endoscopy. At least they can stay on top of things with the tests, before they turn into anything worse.

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    MA so glad that things are going well

    It is such a wonderful note to read. After a tough year, seeing all the reports coming back normal must feel great. Wishing you health, strength, and many fun filled years! And thank you for all the emotional support you have provided in other threads. Your words gave me and my husband great comfort. We are ready to fight!