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”There is one small focus of apparent vascular invasion at the hilum”   This is in my path report everything else was good.  My doctor went over the report with me and i don’t remember being told this was a concern. I’ve tried to google it but not found a lot of understandable information. 



Renal Cell Carcinoms, conventional clear cell type

Nuclear grade 2 out of 4 

The focus of carcinoma measures 4 cm in greatest dimension 

There is one small focus of apparent vascular invasion at the hilum

There is no invasion of the renal capsule or extension into perinephric or renal sinus adipose tissue

All surgical resection margins are negative for carcinoma 

The uninvolved renal parenchyma has essentially normal histologic features with rare obslolescen glomeruli, well-preserved tubules, and no significant glomerular hyper cellularity or other changes  


kidney tissue measures 4.4x4.1x4.1 cm


should I go back to my doctor Before 6 months.  He told me the margins were clear but this vascular invasion mention is freaking me out. 

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    That is a very good report

    I pray mine is similar 


    However that line would have me knocking on my Surgeons Door at 9 o clock tomorrow

    Plus why did he not mention it


    I really dont want to send you into a panic but  I would want to know now


    Hope to hear your positive news soon





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    It worried me when I saw it a

    It worried me when I saw it a few weeks ago but I read some and remembered him saying there was no evidence in the margins of the resection were negative for carcinoma. But today something made it come back into my brain and read it gain.  I was hoping that someone here had seen it before.