My 10 year old son has swollen groin lymph node

Hello. I am a Mom to a 10 year old boy. He has a swollen groin lymph node. I noticed it about a week and a half ago by accident. I walked in on him getting ready and bam it was right in my face. I don't know how long it was there for. We immediately went to the doctor and they had him start on antibiotics. It's been 10 days and the lump has not gotten smaller. We went back to the doctor today and got blood work drawn. Once we get the results, the doctor said we will get an ultrasound. He hasn't said what it is or isn't. I'm so scared and worried. What else could it be at this point? Cancer is flashing through my head and I'm terrified. Any help would be so amazing. Thank you.


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    May be nothing major

    I think it is natural to be concern.  As a child I had Burkitt's Lymphoma, which attacks your lymphatic system.  As a result your lymph nodes are greatly enlarged, but enlarged lymph nodes may simply indicate an infection.  When I was about 14 I had an enlarged lymph node in my groin that was painful, and made it almost impossible to walk, so naturally the doctors were worried my cancer had relapsed, but it ended up being an infection that required me to stay in the hospital for a week on interveinous antibiotics.  Again it is natural to be concerned, but I would not be overly concerned until you hear something more from your physician.  Will