Leep 10 years ago cause abnormal pap today???

K dates and what's going on age 24, 10 years ago abnormal pap, colposcopy, cells were starting to change to cervical cancer, had leep, clear margins, after 2 years given all clear 

every year pap came back clear

then .....

2014 pap came back abnormal, wanted follow up, doctor left country, didn't get follow up

2014 pain during sex bleeding

2014-2016 pain bleeding during sex, seen number of emergency docs, all said don't worry just a cyst on ovary, no alt sounds nothing, just felt around and told that's what it probably was and don't worry, in that time seen a gyno, told him my history asked if he could do pap swab for the abnormal cells results found in 2014, he did not do a pap and said they were probably nothing and not to worry

feb 2016 emergency surgery To remove  fallopian tube and ovary do to ovarian torsion 

may 2017 finally had an actual Pap test...sent for alt found nothing, went to see gyno surgeon, she said from my symptoms I have endometriosi, going for  surgical diagnostic in Jan 2018, pap  results were abnormal but not sure why I was asked if I had a yeast infection symptoms and I don't, told ok don't worry then, just come back in 6 months for follow up, 

went back for follow up pap and was told by doc she has no idea why they wanted a follow up, and said my leep from 10 years ago could cause abnormal paps and that I should be getting a pap every 6 months because of my ovarian torsion surgery until Pap test show clear... I'm confused 

I still have painful sex, pain in my pelvic almost daily, tired extremely painful periods now, and peeing more otften then norma, 

so with all that can a leep 10 years ago cause an abnormal pap today, ive done tones of research and all I find is post of women who had leep and the paps a year after not 10 years on