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poor hubby has the worst case of hiccups, thankfully from old posts I searched on here I know it's a side effect. Just waiting for them to call back with what they are going to do. He is On Folfiri chemo with avastin. They pumped him full of zofran so who knows which thing is doing it, he is taking in stride. It's making me crazy but we are both laughing, it could be worse I guess right, and and it still might get there but looking forward to his pump coming off tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully the hiccups will stop in a few days? Enjoy the weekend!


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    Something that works for me...

    I find that taking Robitussin stops my hiccups.  Don't know if that will work with chemo hiccups, tho.

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    DH also gets them about 30

    DH also gets them about 30 hours left on the 46 hour pump. This is his 3rd cycle. Who knows. At least no more vomit like on the 1st cycle. DH words not mine

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    No vomit yet

    but he just disconnected at 4 and I guess that won't be an issue we are clear of until Monday or Tuesday from what I was told?

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    I've heard of this before but can't remember what others have suggested.  Hoping he gets some relief soon.  We all know how terrible they can be.