Chemo delayed for 1 week


My father 55 years old been diagnosed of NHL and been given first cycle of R-CHOP on 12th Sep 2017 .
The three weeks he has coped well with chemo and side effects - there was an improvement in his eating habits as before the tumor was pressing his food pipe and he could not eat or swallow. 
He did'nt develop any fever or has sweats like before treatment during first 17 days, but as third week was ending he started developing low grade fever and mild sweats - due to severe weakness, his onc suggested Aminovyl IVs.
and at the end of third week when we went to med team to have a check up before chemo - its been found that he has certain infections and we cannot have chemotherapy which was due on 3rd Oct. 
His initialy symptoms of coughing, higher heart beat - vomiting and difficulty to eat anything solid are coming back. we are hell worried. Doctors postponed chemo for 1 week. his infection is not going away completely.
they are injecting alot of antibiotics which made him hell nauseaous. they are giving Rizek and Onset to control vomitings.  
Does any one have any experience in this regard? Delaying chemo has aggressive effects? 


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    Chemo delays are not uncommon, and one week should not be problematic.  I too had compression on my escophagus, but moreso on the heart.

    Usually, by 4 infusions (approximately 2 month's treatment), tumor reduction is significant against most forms of NHL and should cause relief.

    Ask about NG feeding if necessary (naso-gastro tube down the nose).  This is not difficult to begin if the doctor sees it as justified.   I had an NG tube once for 24 days, but not cancer-related. Probably requires inpatient stay, but I am not cetain if the liquid bags can be taken home...I was in ICU, so there were no options. I never had nausea with NG.


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    Chemo delay

    My onc did not want to delay in getting me into chemo. So my first round of R-Chop was actually Chop (Rituxan approval had not been received yet) and no port.

    Two weeks after the treatment I ended up in the ER with abdominal pains. It turned out to be a perforated bowel. The enlarged node had shrunk but it had adhered to the bowel so it created a hole when it shrunk. The good news was they put the port in at the same time. The results was my second treatment was done on the date that was supposed to be the third treatment. All went well in the long run.