Yearly scans


Hi, I am a year out from my second surgery for scc on my tongue. The first didn't require anything other than surgery and some nodes removed as my margins were clear. 2 years out from that, i was diagnosed with scc at the base of my tongue which was more involved and included a reconstructed tongue, nodes taken from both sides of my neck, a trach was inserted along with a feeding tube. I also had 35 radiation treatments as well. It's been a year of physical therapy for speech and swallowing, left shoulder and lymphadema. I have "graduated" from all that and have successfully replaced my tube feedings with smoothies, shakes and pureed foods. I can't have the tube out until I can maintain my weight for a month. I had a pet scan 3 months out of radiation treatments which was clear. Last week I had my first yearly PET scan done and it showed suspicious uptake on the floor of my mouth to the right midline of my tongue. I do not see anything but do feel discomfort at times like my tongue is being stretched and feels raw. My surgeon had me come in and be prepared for a bx but went to examine the area, he did not see anything worrisome or feel anything. He decided to have me get a MRI next week to see if it shows anything. From there he will decide if exploratory surgery and bx is needed. Have any of you encountered anything like this? I try not to worry but I can't help it!  


Thanks for your input.