After the procedure what are some symptoms you feel? I personally feel tired and it's been 2 weeks today and still feel weak. As long as I force myself out of bed and eat I feel ok but I've just been sluggish. Still sore from the surgury as well but it's diffinitely alot better. I was taking hydrocodone for the pain but I stopped about a week ago because I was itchy. What are some of your experiences with this?



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    This was in 08/17 and two

    This was in 08/17 and two memories remain: deep vein thrombosis(dvt) and pulmonary embolism (pe). complications aside, I felt the general area numb for a few weeks and the scar became itchy as lost hair growth began to emerge. too many different things happened then to blame them as aftereffects of the surgery. The pain was from the PE, GERD, heartburn, and vomiting bile.