Nasel biopsy gone wrong need help please


aftee 7 months of sores in my nose finally got a biopsy. The ENT biopsies thewrong ple. About 3 mm off from where the sore was on my septum left side. I don't know what to do. My worst fear came true. It is small but has been crusting over and then getting a white patch on it and then bleeding a little and then starts all over again. I have been so worried and have gotten several various options with a few doctors saying they would biopsy. Septumcancer can present with small sore and crusting unlike sores high in the nasel cavity. i think my ent will just tell me to go somewhere else since he can't seem to see iT clearly and I think the instrument  that he used to open my nasal passage covered the sore. I clearly see it as does my family and I even have pictures. i don't know how to even tell my ent this as again I think he will just say go somewhere else and that he can't do another biopsy. the current biopsy is so close to the tiny sore that if he does another one I will have a huge huge hole in my septum.  Any suggestions would be appreciated I am so upset and am crying. This has been a nightmare. Thank you all for your kindness.


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    it should be easier to figure out


    If I understand you correctly, you are trying to figure out what is causing a sore in your nose?  Your ENT attempted to do a biopsy, but failed on getting one and even missed the sore altogether.  You have not been diagnosed as having cancer, so that is good, but you have asked Doctor Google (or something) and think it may be septum cancer.

    There are many qualified individuals who can get that good biopsy and to determine what you have going on.  I wish you luck on your next go-a-round.

    I will hope for no cancer, you don’t need it and don’t want it.


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    Time to find a different ENT

    i agree with CivilMatt , don't assume anything until it's properly diagnosed. Sounds like it's time to get a second opinion/ biopsy)  You can always see an ENT oncologist.  (I changed my 1st ENT for an ENT Oncologist after I was diagnosed and the tumor removed, wish I had gotten a second opinion sooner).  Stay calm, be patient and know our thoughts are with you.