Radiation after R-EPOCH


I am 78 years old and completing the 5th of 6 sessions of r-EPOCH.  My pet scan shows full remission and no cancer anywhere.

The suggestions of radiation after completion has come up.  My lymphoma was in lymph nodes left side of neck. I've heard it

is risky radiating neck and am hesitant .  I also wonder at my age does it increase the remission time ?  Any thoughts appreciated.


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    I would ask your doctor the same questions you just posted here. He owes you an honest explanation one way or another.  Six infusions of R-EPOCH is a heavy amount of medicine; if he recommended the radiation in addition, you either had a very aggressive strain, or he has some other cause for concern.

    I learned a bit about radiation therapy in general from my prostate cancer, and know that radiation today is ordinarily delivered in an extremely pecise manner, usually with little or no harm to adjacent, healthy tissues.   This is just a generality; do ask the doctor about your concerns.  I hope your good news about full remission never changes,


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    I believe from my research they recommend radiation with Lymphoma when one tumor exceeds 13cm it may have been 11cm but something like that. 

    I am not a Dr but after my 6 rounds of RCHOP there was no way I was up for radiation without some explanation. Thankfully my Dr agreed and I did not have any.

    Praying your remission is complete and final.

    Sandy Ray

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    Thanks to Max and Sandy Ray

    Thanks to Max and Sandy Ray for their input.

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    Age makes a difference

    As does your diagnosis. If you had follicular lymphoma, further treatment (even what you have had) would possibly not be necessary. I suspect that you may have had Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL), which is aggressvie and needs treatment. The older and more petrified we are, the less damage raidation does, and for that reason it is not used on the young unless absolutely necessary. Still, this is one thing that you would want to seek a second or even third opinion on.