Newly diagnosed stage IV colorectal cancer


Hello everyone. I'd like to thank all who communicate and offer support on this forum. God bless you. it's amazing how much help you can be to a stranger. I'm 36 and a father of 3 wonderful kids ages 6,8,and 12. I am married to an amazing woman and have an incredible support system of family and friends. Most importantly I have a strong faith in our Lord God and savior Jesus. I  found out a had a mass in my colon late august and a week later found out I have lymph mode involvement and metastatic disease to my liver. I have two spots there, 1.1 cm and 6 mm. I have been through the emotional roller coaster but fear and anxiety reappear from time to time. The support around me helps tremendously but no one will really understand if they haven't gone through it. So I am reaching out to anyone on here for help and guidance. Any ideas or words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. I got a port placed and had my first round of Oxaliplatin and 5FU about a week ago. I will be having these every two weeks for 3 months before getting new CT/MRI and reassessing for potential surgery. I trust that I am where I am supposed to be and have great doctors and nurses taking care of me. I'd like to know who had a similar chemo regimen and how it went. my tumor was originally diagnosed as being in the distal sigmoid colon, but after the MRI they say it's right at the colorectal junction. So there has been some discussion as to whether it should be treated more as a colon CA or a high rectal CA. Apparently there are some differences in treatment, particularly in regards to radiation. Does anyone have experience with a tumor in this location? Lastly, since diet is one of the few variables in my control, I'd like to hear from survivors their thoughts on vegetarian/vegan diets. 

Thank you you so much in advance. I pray for everyone dealing with these horrible diseases. May we all find peace. 



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    Stage four

    Hi, Tim. So sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I too had stage four colon cancer several years ago and have been in remission for the last five years. I can't answer any of the questions about diet or meds, but I can relate to what you are going through. In fact I wrote a short story about

    my cancer experience entitled "How I Beat Stage Four Colon Cancer." If you would care to read it, it is on my blog. God bless you and yours.


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    Same boat

    I am 44 , found out about a year ago, same stage as you.  I have had 15 chemo treatments since then, they gave me the "kitchen sink" as they say FOLFoxFiri, but recently took me off the Oxi due to numbness in the extremities.  As far as diet is concerned, the chemo really affected my taste, and appetite and I had weight loss for a while, now I have gained weight.  They told me to eat anything and everything I could.  I would indulge any craving I could, and my tastes changed quite a bit.  The chemo affects everyone differently.  Just keep eating as much as you can, you may need the extra pounds down the line. I didn't have any radiation. 


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    thank you for the responses. I pray for both of you to continue healing. God bless. 

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    Mine was Rectal

    Yes treatment is different between the two and mine was rectal cancer but not sure of the location.  My treatment was chemo/radiation for 6 weeks.  Surgery to remove the tumor, ileostomy, heal, then 4 months of chemo.  I'm wishing you well and hope that you can get a plan in place.  As far as diets, I'm not one that has gone vegan because I'm still eating meat so I'm not able to comment about that.  Keep us informed about how you are doing.  We are very committed on this site and hope to help all we can.  Thank you for your prayers as well.  This board is always in mine.


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    Praying for you, Tim

    ...and your young family.  I am being treated like Kim.  Finished my 28 radiation and Xeloda treatments and awaiting surgery to remove the main tumor in my rectum.  

    I am battling fear and anxiety daily.  My appetite comes and goes.  Early on I attempted a no carb diet and became extremely tgin and weak.  Although I have added carbs back in, I try to avoid sugars and high carb foods, and no red meat or pork for me ever again.  

    I see a holistic M.D. as well.  He just did some blood/urine lab work and will design a diet specifically for me which I will start after my surgery.  I try to juice as much as possible and also make smoothies with protein powder.  We eat only organic, non GMO meats and other foods.  Although the medical team at the hospital told me to eat whatever I want, all my research shows diet can be critical in beating this.  Just my opinion.  

    Best wishes to you.  Stay strong!!