Blood clot urgency


My sister was having some neck pain and the doctors think she has a blood clot most likely from the mediport. They did an MRI. They want to do an ultrasound to confirm on Monday. They do not seem to think this is a dangerous situation. Has that been anyone else's experience? This is freaking me out. My buddy is a vascular surgeon and thinks it should be fine until Monday but a blood clot near the neck seems scary! Would be helpful to hear other people's experiences.


  • Tunadog
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    I had Oxaliplatin leaks from my port..

    I had Oxaliplatin leaks from my port which left me with a Blood Clot on my neck, very scary.

    The treatment was 80 days of Xyrolta, which is a blood thinner. It worked.

     I wouldn't worry, they should be able to handle it.

    Good Luck

    P.S. Xyrolta is pretty nasty, makes you bleed.

  • vtspa6
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    My husband had a blood clot that was forming

    The Dr. got him a prescription of blood thinner shots, twice a day.  Poor guy is black and blue.  Also has bloody scaps all over his arms and legs.  Dr. said part of his chemo Avastin can cause blood clots.  Just one more thing to add to this cancer crap!