spouse diagnosed eight months ago with metastasized small cell lung cancer

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I have a lot of sensitive questions to ask about this disease that are hard to ask in front of my husband at doctor appointments.  Any suggestions?  Have any of you found support groups to be helpful for caregivers?


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    Have you check out the lung cancer discussion forum?

    Also I would check out this link -


    There also is the chat room on this site- it is busiest at night 8 pm MST/10 pm EST. Come join us

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    I'm happy to help with your questions if I can...

    My husband was diagnosed early June of 2017. We are open, take meticulous notes and ask loads of questions, so we are happy to help if we can. I know how you feel. There are things we want to ask that are important to us, the spouse or caregiver, but we don't want to upset the patient.

    Wishing you peace and blessings,

    Anne Haley