Cancer detection tests



One of my friend's doctor has asked to go for early cancer detection test. We both are from scientific family hence got intersted in different diagnostic tests available. Wanted to gather information on the same through this forum on what tyoe of tests are better like CEA daignostic tests or Malignin anibody detection test or some other. I have no clue which is better or which one is more accurate in detection.




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    The most basic early detection tool is a colonoscopy.

    Most of the regular blood tests clearly detect things in higher stages and are subject to too many false positives for unnecessary follow-up for mass screening, as well as the stress.   A new generation of tests may change this in the future.  A well enough cancer educated, well to do person might get value but there are pitfalls.

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    Testing the CEA (tumor marker) through blood work can be sketchy.  For some people like myself the CEA test is a good indication of something growning but I have talked to many people that have good CEA markers and cancer was till found through scans.

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    Believe me that the CEA is not a good marker.  Mine was normal range while having cancer.  It can be a good indicator for many people but is not something to rely on.  Some doctor's do not even take it as it's not always accurate.  Good test would be a colonoscopy and that is it.  No cologuard or flex sig.  You need a full colonoscopy. Hope this answer helps.