Positive margins


I am curious about treatments when left with positive margins after surgery?

My doctor was able to remove all visible cancer during surgery and was surprised that my pathology came back with positive margins in the vaginal cuff. When I asked him what that meant for me he said that would be sterilized with the radiation. Since then I have had my consultation with radiology. The radiologist indicated that "the problem is that I had positive margins...." . She also said that meant aggressive radiation targeted at the lower pelvis. 

That leaves me curious as to what others who had positive margins experienced during and after treatment.


  • ConnieSW
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    I don't have

    an answer for your question but think it's a time that a second opinion is a must. Good luck. 

  • Kaleena
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    Second Opinion

    I agree with Connie.   You should definitely get a second opinion.   Just know once you have an area radiated that they cannot radiate the same area again.  Ask your radiologist.   There is a way but as a few posters have had it done.   Thats why I think you should get a second opinion.   

    My best to you,