Hope you are all well. Thank you so much for starting this page. I am learning a lot. Any further advice would be appreciated. 


My mother started losing weight last year, always complained of stomach pain, We all assumed they were just ulcers, little did we know, some tumor was growing inside her. Fast forward to month end January this year, she threw up blood her HB went down to 4. Endoscope revealed that she had a GIST in between her oesophagus & stomach. Two weeks on, she had surgery which lasted for 7 hours. After, she stayed in hospital and was discharged after a week but readmitted due to a leak, stayed in hospital for another 2 weeks, was finally discharged. Seemed to be getting better, Then in August she started vomiting almost everything she ate, Endoscopy showed oesophagus was now pin hole size, she got dilated. Recently she got another dilation. 


She can't started Gleevec until hepàtitis b viral load is completely suppressed to protect her liver. Any similar situations, advice etc would be appreciated. *it was a PG.


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    My mother is suffering from

    My mother is suffering from GIST since Aug'17.What is the mitotic count of your mother tumor?