Appendiceal cancer, limited ability to eat/drink. Compressing supplements.


My first time posting. I'm not sure exactly where my post should go. I have appendiceal cancer. (Endoscopy and colonoscopy tend to show cancer is involved in both areas of my abdominal areas).


For almost a year my specific medical issue could not be determined. I was told, based on blood work, anemia and SED test irregularity results. That my problem was most likely either Rheumatoid arthritis or cancer.


Ultrasounds and CT scans were mostly ineffective, as a sort of thick,   "mucinous film" was covering my interior abdominal area. Not allowing for any "clear" CT scans.


Finally, upon getting both an endoscopy and colonoscopy the same day, it was determined to be appendaceal cancer.

During endoscopy, some weird "folds" were found inside my stomach.

During colonoscopy there were some hard to reach , somewhat obstructed areas. Though the Dr ultimately got through those tight areas of the colon.

Prior to my specific diagnosis, I had been slowly losing weight for the 6-7 months prior to finally getting the  specific diagnosis of appendiceal cancer. (lost weight everywhere except around stomach- I had the proverbial "Jelly Belly" that goes with appendiceal cancer).  

Shortly after these 2 'oscopies finally gave Dr's some indication as to what was going on, I went to get drained of abdominal fluid. Approximately 7 liters on first drain, then 3.5 more liters a month later.

I had very limited cancer treatment facilities options in southern NM, where I was working. Onlt the Mayo clinic in  Scottsdale . It was 800+ miles away.  So I flew to MI where I have family and to see a fairly well-known HIPEC surgeon working at St John's in Grosse Pointe, MI. Dr Richard Berri.

I had hoped that getting a HIPEC would be my "fix". It wasn't since i was too far along.


So I went right on to systemic treatment after the HIPEC was no longer an option. That's been 2 years ago now.


My Problem: I have a stomach that fills up extremely quick. One basic sandwich OR One 12-16 oz drink will totally fill me up.  So getting nutrion is a bit of a problem. I get full and physically cannot consume any more food nor liquids until the previous eating/drinking session moves through my body.

Waiting on my digestive system to process everything takes longer than it used to as well.


Possible solution: Instead of simply drinking and/or eating things that are in a 1:1 ratio. Meaning a normal sandwich or a normal drink, neither of which are "concentrated", i was looking at the supplements I need to consume more of; like protein, minerals, vitamins, etc.

I have a $25.00 CAPSULE MAKER device or two, but neither one allows for any significant level of component COMPRESSION. [Example: I cannot compress 3 or 4X the normal capacity of protein powder, into a single capsule)


 I was looking to purchase either a MANUALLY OPERATED PILL PRESS [about $160 to $600 via ebay or amazon].  Or a semi-Automatic , rotary press PILL PRESS for [about $1,300 to $1,900].

My thoughts are that if I can get a compression ratio of like 10 to 1 or higher, (and if needed,  can add a slow release tablet/caplet coating, so nutrients reach intensine and then become available for absorbsion), I can start physically consuming more protein and/or other supplements I need.



1. Has anyone had any experience with Tablet or Pill Presses/makers?

2. Manual or semi-automatic devices?

3. If so, how did they work?

4. If you've tried both types, are the semi-auto, rotary postion units worth the extra $800 to $1,000 dollars?


I don't know the specific rules on posting links, but to show you the devices I am talking about, here are the ebay  search terms :

1. Manual Type Single Punch Tablet Press Pill Making Machine Maker TDP-0 New  [About $500]

2. Tablet Press Machine Manual Hand Punch Powder Pill Maker + Hopper Home / Lab Use [About $160]

3. TDP-5-Automatic-Single-Punch-Tablet-Press-Pill-Pellet-Making-Machine-Maker-FAST [about $1,600]


Thanks in advance.