Stage iv NSCLC - bone mets/? treatment options

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Dear all,

I hope all of you who are dealing with this condition or have loved ones with it , the best of luck and plenty of ease .

My father was diagnosed with non small cell lung ca stage 4. the primary is in the R lung , with lymph node metastases and bone ( Both arms, thighs, ribs and spine) . no brain or liver mets.

His EGFR marker was negative but PDL1 is 20 % positive. ROS1 not done.

He was offered only chemotherapy. Kytruda was an option but it would cost him 7000 dollars each dose.

currently taking only chemo , (Carbo-Taxol). He finished 2 doses but the second dose was reduced by 20 % as he couldn't tolerate the first one.

He wasn't offered radiotherapy.

He has a back ground history of ischemic heart disease with stents placed in his arteries, and type 2 diabetes on tablets only, and chronic kidney impairment stage 3.

He also lives in Baghdad- difficult circumstances in terms of the health services there.

Therefore initially He decided to take the treatment in American University Hospital in Beirut. He stayed there for 1.5 month , took his 2 doses of kemo, but now is back in baghdad as he couldn't stand  being away any more as well as the livivg and medical cost were extremly above his budget.

He'll be going to Northern Iraq where health services apparently are better, and less costly. However he'll be alone with my mother who has her own health problems including sever osteoporosis.

I feel I can't do much and very frustrated because of this, I live abroad and have my young children who I can't leave . I really don't know what to do.

I also have abrother who lives abroad and my sister who has  2 year old twins in baghdad and can't leave too.

I feel very sorry for my parents, that after all this life they dedicated for us and now none of their children would be with them.

My perants , not only sacrifiesed alot so we live well, they also countinously helped many,many  people in their lives, ( the poor and the rich), they have always been for any one needing help.

I really really pray for them to get all the help and support , the mental and physical , before even asking for it.



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    I think no one has replied yet because you didn't ask any specific questions.  But I can tell you that very many people are sorry you and your parents and going through this and are praying for you.  As difficult as it is that you and your siblings are not in the same country, I am certain your parents must be so happy to know you have good lives abroad.  God bless and may your father find the best possible medical team for his case.

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    I only wish I had something offer other than my heart

    My heart goes out to your father and you and your family. May blessings find you all.