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I'm looking to get any genuine feedback / recommendations on alternative therapy centres in the US or Mexico please.

My cousin (aged 37) was diagnosed last year with Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer. Unfortunately she also has Liver Mets and only yesterday we discovered that this seems to have spread to the lymph nodes in her neck. She has so far had 4 types of chemotherapy (in the UK) - the first was successful for 10 cycles but the subsequent types have not agreed with her or have simply not worked!

The type of Tumour she has, we have been informed would not be effectively treated by Immunotherapy so this is not a possibility.

We are now researching treatment centres around the world to see what her next option may be. One place in particular of interest but not exclusively is Oasis of Hope in Mexico. However, we are keen to speak with someone who may have had treatment here or in similar centres to give us some genuine feedback to guide us in any decision we may decide to make.

Any advice on alternative treatments themselves or individual centres would be greatly received.

Thank you


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    call ahead

    You should get email/phone consultations with these clinics and read their literature online.  This is a very expensive option with limited time onsite being affordable.  We chose to implement things on a permanent basis "at home", outside the US - cheaper and with less legal issues but more continuous treatment on more options, like daily chemo and the supplements.  I might point out that Riordan Clinic has free Q&A on IV vitamin C and clinics call-in several times a week, and Life Extension Foundation has their own cancer specialists for free on an 800 line. 

    My personal point of view is to try to combine milder chemo with off label treatments for extra, measurable effects. Done as early as possible, as continuously as possible with high potency supplements. 

    The alternative clinics often avoid chemo or use small doses like insulin potentiated chemo, where we prefer mildest oral chemo UFT and IV vitamin C.  In the UK you have UFT oral chemo available, but it would require all the extras to succeed at a certain performance level.  I think most people, and even most clinics, use too little on the right off label drugs and high potency supplements to effect a good response. Ultimately, we relied on surgery to get one refractory site completely out but the supplements improved the chemo and the surgery greatly.