Caregiver problem

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My problem is a little different. My boyfriend of 12 years was recently diagnosed with gall bladder/liver cancer and I am going to be his primary caregiver. But I just discovered he has been cheating on me. I'm stunned and havent confronted him as he is having surgery in four days. But I feel like the floor has been pulled out from under me and cant trust him. I feel obligated to continue as I would. Any suggestions?


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    So sorry
    PTV I am so sorry for you!!!! I was cheated on incessantly by my ex so I am kind of cynical, if I found out my bf had been cheating I would leave; however I have not been with him long.

    Are you guys living together? Have a family? Only you can decide whether you stay with him or not; but if this other person is still in the picture you may need to look at the situation you are about to get into to.

    I think you should talk to him and see what he says about it. Is it over with the other person? Is he willing to stay with you and be faithful? I don’t know what more to say but I wish you the best.