Port and PEG procedures on same day?

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Hey, this is my first post here.  You guys have no idea how happy I was to find this site!  SO much information!  Thank you!!  My husband is diagnosed with Stage IVa base of tongue SCC.  He has 2 nodes (level 2 nodes, I think) on the same side of his neck that have spots too.  T2N2MO.  Anyway, he starts with weekly Erbitux on Monday and then 35 daily radiation treatments starting next week.  Oncologist says prognosis is really really good. I am worried about the effects that the radiation will have on his mouth.  Some of these stories are scary...but I do like being prepared for the worst (while hoping for the best).

His treatment team recommends PEG tubes put in at the beginning of treatment so he is scheduled to have that procedure on Friday.   They figure that it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it so our plan is to get it but try very hard to not rely on it.  Going to attempt to minimize swallowing problems, if we can.

Anyway, do you guys know if it is possible to request that smaller MIC-Key G button at the hospital?  We like the lower profile of that compared to the traditional PEG tubes.  

I also wanted to ask what y'all think about having the PORT and PEG placed on the same day?  He is scheduled for both on Friday!!  Is that normal?




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    My husband had his port and

    My husband had his port and peg placed on the same day. It was easier that way. One surgery instead of two!

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    Port & Tube

    Welcome to the H & N Forum.  Sorry you have a reason to be here.   I did not have my port and peg done at the same time BUT I wish I could have.   It would have been one less trip to the hospital and one less time being put out.  (I assume you mean they are being done at the same time.)  I'm a wimp, was scared to death,  and I did not find either procedure to be a big deal.  The peg site might hurt a bit for a few days. 

    I would not wait until you get to the hospital to ask about getting MIC-key button.  It would be my guess that you should make the arrangements ahead of time with either the doctor that ordered the tube be put in or the surgeon who will be putting it in.  Wish I had the Mic-key button.  I didn't know about it.  However, I've had a feeding tube for many months and manage fine with my EndoVive (fr 20) peg tube.  I know there's a few rough stories about peg tubes but most patients don't have trouble with them (including me).

    Your husband's treatment plan is the exact one I had ......  35 rads and 8 weeks of Erbitux.  My diagnosis was similar T1N2bM0 stage IVa of a fold of the supraglottis.

    Best wishes to both of you and I hope you continue to post.