Fiancé recently diagnosed Stage IV stomach cancer

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My fiancé is a 33 year old male with no underlying health issues. Last month he was admitted to the hospital after complaining of abdominal pain and bloating. Scope indicated 2 tumors and 1 in the process of forming. The big one is located in the lower part of his stomach and the other is a rectal mass in the distal colon. Biopsy confirmed Stage IV Adenocarcinoma and the fluid retention was full of mestatic cells.They started him on a treatment of FOLFOX (5-FU, Leucovorin & Oxaliplatin) 4 weeks ago. He has had a lot of trouble with nausea and reflux, he vomits bile frequently. The first treatment did dry up the fluid collecting in his abdomen and we don't know what if any other changes have ocurred to the tumors. I'm curious if anyone that has been through similar treatment had a hard time getting ahead of the nausea? From what we can tell the cancer is reacting to the chemo but he keeps losing weight and now they are talking about a feeding tube. We want him in a decent state to go to MD Anderson in Houston for a 2nd opinion but just need any ideas or recommendations that have worked for others on how to handle the nausea and vomitting of bile and reflux. Any info would be helpful! Thanks in advance.


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    What supportive drugs do they

    What supportive drugs do they have him on? I was in a very similar situation and almost had to get a feeding tube but the supportive care group at MD Anderson put me on some drugs that literally turned everything around for me. 

    Ask if dexamethasone, metaclopromide, and and mirtazapine are options for him. Those three drugs were a life saver for me. Within a few days I was starting to eat and keep food down and I have since gained 40lbs All while doing 9 rounds of FOLFOX!