Water coming out the nose while swallowing


Can it be fixes? What ever I drink comes out my nose while trying to swallow again after throat cancer. Will this also happen with food?


  • Mom68
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    It sounds as if you may have a nasal fistula, which is a hole in your nasal cavity that leads to your mouth. Yes, it is treatable. You can ask your doctor about it, as they may have a plastic surgeon on staff (or can recommend one) to do a skin graft and cover the fistula. Or, you can get fitted for a flap that you place in your mouth like a retainer that will cover it. Either way, call your doctor and ask them what you can do to address this issue. Best of luck to you...Mary

  • Sprint Car Dude
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    No Fear

    I had this for about a week and it resolved with no issues. My ENT is pretty sure it was just a mucous plug.

  • DanceSkater
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    Swallow test ?

    Are you using a feeding tube ?  Have you had a swallow test ?  At what point of your treatment did this start to happen ?