Testosterone level after Thyroidectomy


Had Thyroidectomy 4 years ago. Cant recall ever seeing my Testosterone level getting checked during any of my regular blood tests.

Question: Can a Thyroidectomy affect my T level and should I get it checked?


  • js78696
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    No harm in getting them tested



    There are many research papers that have been published that indicate an important role of testosterone in thyroid heath. Generally, experts have linked low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) with lower testosterone levels and elevated thyroid function (hyperthyrodism) with increased testosterone.

    I would highly recommend getting your testosterone levels checked, this can be easily done when you have your next regular blood samples sent for analysis in the lab. The technician will carry out tests to check the testosterone levels by measuring total and free testosterone levels. The ideal amount in men, also often referred to as the optimum average is 550ng/dL and everything below this is regarded as being low. You might also find this forum useful since it is discussing the same topic.