Astrocytoma support

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My 19 year old daughter just had surgery Wednesday to remove a tumor on her left lobe close to her motor strip. We found out yesterday that is a astrocytoma grade 3. The Doctor is 95% confident he got all the tumor but we will be starting chemo and radiation in 2-4 weeks after her head heals. I'm in shock, I've cried, prayed screamed and had every emotional breakdown I could have without her seeing me because we had this all fall on top of us. We hoped for benign then had hope for a grade 2. I fell like I'm in a fog but have to be strong to make her strong. What has helped the most was reading some of the survivor stories on this site. It really helped me feel like we could fight this ugly monster back and my daughter would be able to have somewhat of a mormal life for the most part. 

I know no one ever know when our time is but I do not want to know. 4 years ago my daughter Searra also was in this very same hoptital ( Roanoke Memorial) for blood clots. She had a huge mass behind her left overy that broke off and sent 2 pa's to her lung and we alost lost her several times. Every since that day I wake up thanking the Lord for every day I have. Now this.....

i would love to have some advice, positive stories on survival and making years and years just fine. 

Also any natural supplements, foods or what else that will help her stay strong and healthy. Any advice would help. Also if any new trials are being done to help would be nice to know also