September is gynecologic cancer awareness month!


I think it is obvious to all of you how important it is to let people know September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness month.  Our cancers, uterine, ovarian, cervical, vulvar, vaginal, and primary peritoneal, are silent until it it too late and there is no tests for early diagnosis.  

We have lost too many beautiful sisters to this horrible disease.  Wear your peach and teal proudly. 


  • Lou Ann M
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    Thank you for the reminder

    I have been looking for for a picture or something that list symptoms that is eye catching to post.  I think people would pay more attention and read it more carefully if it had a catchy picture to go along.  I guess I could design one, but I am basically lazy.

    Hugs. And prayers, Lou Ann

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    Foundation for Women's Cancer

    Lots of images there.  Thanks for the reminder, I want to plop something on my Facebook page.

  • Jairoldi
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    Thanks for the reminder. I

    Thanks for the reminder. I will post an image today and may be add some peach to my wardrobe.

  • StaciLynn
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    Hi!  Until this year, I was

    Hi!  Until this year, I was not even aware September was gynelogical cancer month.  I guess before I was affected by it myself, I just didn't think about it.  Now, I am super aware of this, yet there are still a lot of people I have not shared my diagnosis with for various reasons.  Some of my friends know and of course my immediate family, but I admit I have probably told you more than I have told most people.  I also had no idea so many people were affected by these cancers since I thought they were relatively rare, but have learned otherwise these past few months.  Sometimes I do feel very sorry for myself, saying "why me?".  I knew cancer existed but just never envisioned myself being diagnosed with it.  I used to say if this ever happened to me, I would refuse treatment and let nature take its' course, but now that I am in this position, I have really had to rethink my position since I see so many of you are still leading happy, productive life's despite battling this disease.  I have read your struggles, but also read that many of you have many more good days than bad and most importantly have hope.

    Anyway, I also wanted to add that my surgery is scheduled to take place on September 25th.  When I was reading my report and saw it written down that I was having laparoscopic surgery with staging, the staging part really got to me, since I feel that will really determine my fate.  I am really nervous about this, but a plan is now in motion and I will just have to take one day at a time.

    Thanks for listening and for your support.