Financial Help for caregivers

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Hello All

I am the caregiver for my mother. I have been taking care of her for over 2 years. She was only supposed to live 6 months after being diagnosed but we have managed to keep her alive so far and fighting everyday for it.

I have left my life and work in Europe and my family there(daughter/wife) as well to come back to the US to take care of her. I am a US citizen that was living in Europe.

I can't find work here due to having to take care of her and just living off of her retirement. This has obviously put a financial strain on me. Not only medical bills we need to pay out of pocket like meds, but I had to stay at a hotel somedays during 3 months while she was hospitalized. Part of that time I was sleeping in a car in the hospital parking lot.

Anyway, people keep telling me caregivers have the right to financial asistance. I have looked it up and seems there is a program in New york called Medicaid’s consumer directed personal assistance program (CDPAP/CDPAS). But haven't found anything similar in New Jersey. I am in such financial strain that I can't even bring my family back to the US as can't afford an apartment and we can't all live with my mother. 

Can anyone provide any information on this?