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i have been unhealthy for awhile now with no answers. I had an ultrasound done of lymph nodes in my next a few weeks ago and the results showed enlarged, dense nodes. The doctor wanted a CT with contrast but because of stage 3 renal disease my nephrologist will not sign off on the CT. Now my doc wants me to wait 6 months and repeat the ultrasound. My issue with this is, i have severe stomach issues and have a hard time eating without pain, I've been having what I thought were nightsweats  due to low estrogen. My booodwork shows my hormone levels are fine. I had a hysterectomy at 21, I am now 36. I have severe shoulder pain, I'm always tired And lately I've been short of breath. I was a powelifter but I continued to lose strength on my regular routine and now am to the point I haven't even been able to work Out.

im just worried about waiting 6 months. Anyone have any input? I feel like my doctors think Im crazy.




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    Forgot to mention that I had

    Forgot to mention that I had bilateral uveitis last year for no known reason. So many health issues I can't keep them all straight 

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    You could always see a

    You could always see a different Dr. if contrast agent is not possible then the CT can be done without contrast. I have had them both ways.