Blood clots from port after chemo cessation

I came into ER for swollen and red face. Tests: KEG, x-ray of neck and chest, CT of head and chest and ultrasound of right shoulder and arm. Findings: right venous subclavian blood clot. Put on Hepiron drip overnight. Port removed following morning and kept overnight for observation. Will be on blood thinners for 3 months. Face still swollen and red.


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    4cm clot right outer jugular vein

    Is what I developed from having both a port and a Hickman line on the same side. Bad choice by the surgeon who placed the Hickman. But, the thrombus (clot) had developed veins and is now a permanent part of my jugular. With time, the vein will bulge around the clot and resume quasi-normal function, I am told.