So today after a second ERCP in two weeks we finally know his cancer is back

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its been months of hell and a ton of jaundice. The two tumors on his liver are both metastasis from the original cancer. He did not do chemo after his original colon surgery in 2010, or after his liver resection in 2014. Now he has no choice and last time when they explained it to him he panicked. Part of me thinks maybe we wouldn't be here right now had he just done it, but they scared the crap out of him with all the side effects, and the surgeon told him he got it all and that's all he heard. So can anyone tell me just how hard is the chemo to get through, I need to offer him some hope. Please, give me all the information you can from real life people, and thank you.


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    its hard to predict how he will react to the chemo, everyone is different.  Even the oncologists have no idea whether it will work or not, you just hope for the best. However, many people here have had success with it, it's not easy, probably the hardest thing you can put yourself through.  

    the chemo will fatigue you, may give you diarrhea,  neausea , etc... depending on what mix you are getting. Some people lose their hair, some don't, it's different for everyone. You will have your recovery week after the chemo, then you may gradually feel better each day.  

    It is scary, but can help shrink the tumors. 

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    What scares me is

    everything I read says chemo just buys you more time it won't cure you when it's done after it has spread. Has anyone been able to have a long time after chemo or have it not come back? In his case it sure seems to be pretty slow growing since his old oncologist has been "watching" these lesions for 3 years and they are just now causing issues. I am know I am just a caregiver but I am petrified. I was trying to remember how the chemo cycle works, I thought it was 6 months but that seems like a very long time.

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    Different for everyone

    I'm sorry you are going through this.  It's scary the side effects.  When they explained it to me it was you have the chemo now and we can "mop up" any cells that escape.  So that's what happened for me.  Hindsight is 20/20 and we always have to think "what if".  Right now is not the time to think "what if" he would have had chemo, right now is the time to think "how can we get him healed."  Chemo is doable it's something that many people have gone through and he might have side effects but he'll get through it and there is always something out there to help him along the way.  It's a good thing you are on the boards as we can help you as well.  I've been here since 2009 and I'm still here.  Ask away and someone will always have an answer.  There is always hope - don't forget that.


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    Hello Ruth

    Let me tell you how I personally think. Just me, remember. We all handle it differently. 

    I had a horrible time during chemo, and an even worse time through radiation, BUT  oh, how thankful I am I went through it, because I LOVE LIFE. Sure, I live with permanent side effects, but it is so worth it. 

    I am four years out from chemo and radiation and yes, the cancer did still spread to my liver, but I was blessed to have that taken care of and now I am three years four months out from my liver surgery. I live with the physical restrictions but let me tell you, I LIVE. I live life and I am so happy. 

    Don't be scared of side effects. Arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can about what COULD happen, and how to navigate your way through it, but don't let fear predict life or death. 

    Of course, your husband is entitled to his own feelings, but I thought I would just share mine. 

    It's a bummer of a ride, but if you are blessed to get off the bike, even for a short time, well, I think its well worth the risks. 

    If he decides against the chemo, I'm also a huge believer in fighting with a good diet, exercise and meditation. If our friend John, were here, he would recommend TCM. There are non-chemo ways to fight the fight.

    I wish your dear husband the best, as he moves forward. And I wish you, strenght and blessings. What a blessing you must be in his life. 


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    Thank you

    I am just going through the emotions right now, he is cool and calm . Maybe not looking everything up obsessively is a better approach? :) we had an appointment on the 8th with his oncologist for a normal recheck hoping to move it up since all this happened since his last appointment in July.