Y 90 side effects

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I had the first round of spheres last week. The first night was, to say the least, awful! I am so tired and sleep all the time. Anyone got any ideas on how to get the ebergy up? I walk in the A.M. to try and "jumpstart" things but by noon I am wiped! I am hoping that this is all worth it. Anyone with a good story form this treatment????




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    I'm sorry I'm not able to help you with this question, but sorry you feel so terrible.  Hoping that someone can chime in to help answer your question.


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    Tired after Y90 too


    I had Y90 in April and my energy levels have improved over time, but I still dont have as much energy as before the procedure.  The liver helps our bodies produce energy, so it makes sense that our energy levels would be lower if our liver is damaged in any way.  My liver enzymes have been higher too, so I think it either messes up your liver function, or takes a long time to heal.

    It's been 4 months for me.  My doctor wants me to either go back on folfox or the folfiri combo next month, so that will zap my energy too.  It may take a long time to recover.  I found I really need more sleep and if I can get the sleep, I function better. Without a good night's sleep, I can't do anything all day.  I also need to rest during the day sometimes, so don't accomplish all that I want to.

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    Tired and flu-like symptons. Sorry, don't know of anything to remedy it exept time. Mine lasted about a couple of weeks. I had to stop the Folfox for the Y90 pellets.