Inoperable glioma anaplastic astrocytoma brain stem grade 3

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My close friends was diagnosed with 2 tumors in June. Drs removed one through surgery; however, the one left is on the brain stem and is inoperable. He will be starting chemo and radiation in a week.  Since his diagnosis and surgery he has deteriorated. Can hardly walk, left side is almost useless and left eye is crooked and starting to close. He also has a droopy face/crooked smile. We are very worried. He is a healthy 34 year old male who is in top shape, works out at least 5 days a week and eats very clean. We are all beyond devastated and hope that there is a positive end to this. 

I am looking for any one with a similar tumor who has been through treatment and can offer any advice.

How long since your initial diagnosis? 

What were your symptoms like before treatment? Are they better now?


I'm looking for people who have beat this horrible diagnosis/are living with  this and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I need hope. This is very scary. You all are warriors and I admire your courage in the face of something so devastating.