Belching all the time. And sleep issues. Any suggestions for these separate issues


DH ia belching all the time.  what would cause this and any helps.  He trys prilosec.  He also has tried two prescribed sleep meds and still tosses and turns and has poor sleep?


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    I'm assuming that this is

    I'm assuming that this is related to chemo. I have a ton of gas, most likely attributable to the Xeloda (5FU) as I felt the Xeloda right away though I didn't feel the radiation for a few weeks. The gas can make it harder to sleep or wake me up in the middle of the night. I've also been drinking more fluids so there's more pressure and need to pee more often.

    On sleep - sometimes the chemo makes me tired so I take naps during the day and this screws up my sleep at night. Anxiety can keep me up at night as well. So a couple of things that may have an effect.

    Exercise may help but it would need to be strenuous enough to tire him out. I have greatly toned down my exercise because of the effects of chemo and radiation but, on the days where I do do strenuous workouts, the night is usually quite restful.

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    It may be the anti nausea med

       At the time I had chemo one of the fauvored anti nausea meds was a steroid called dexmethasone. It was almost impossible to get a good nights sleep after a shot of dex. If he is on dex tell him to ask for one of the other non steroidal anti- nausea meds . Ron.

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    Side effects

    I drink baking soda mixed with water for the gas and take melatonin for help with the sleep and side effects.  Both seem helpful to me.