Side effects

Dear husband Dale goes for third Chemo 28th.....The side effects have been minimal so far but some of them I haven't read/heard about hand shakes and we were sitting for my medical test 3hrs no less and he got nervous panicky?  He ate and then said it went away.  Some neuropathy hands but goes away.  He also has jaw spasms/pain with first bite of food but has a better appetite.  He won't do all healthy diet but calories even if sometimes junk food.  He is getting out more and doing some as energy permits.  After twelve rounds of Chemo for stage 4 with several liver mets do they usually do radiation?  He has had some good days and said why am I feeling so much better than when thid started?  I am starting to enjoy our good days /life again but I am a worrier and I Know I research on the computer too much but this group is my support and I pray for all of us ........sending positive vibes.....What is everyone doing today?  Lets get some new threads going although I still learn from the old ones.