How much protein supplement do you take?

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I was just trying to research this but the information is confusing and I'm terrible at researching things on line so I'm hoping some of you have ideas. I bought some protein powder and am trying to supplement my food intake with it. My understanding is that if I don't need it it's not a problem but if I do it would be good for me. I'm tired of dragging my butt around and feeling run down. I'm on chemo so fatigue is to be expected but if there's any way to improve things I'll try it. I currently take vitamin D and B12. My diet isn't great because of the ostomy and internal adhesions making it very hard to have a variety of foods and many vegetables are out of the question. Nausea isn't helping with the situation, either. I do eat meat and eggs.

So, I picked up a protein supplement that's whey based. It's supposed to be tasteless but tastes unpleasant and I can taste it in pretty much everything I've tried. The question I have is how much should I be taking to make a difference? I don't want to have to try to disguise any more than necessary in my food and drinks. But I don't want to use so little that it isn't actually helping. 

Those of you who take protein as a supplement, how much and why, please?




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    I use protein powder (Bob's

    I use protein powder (Bob's Red Mill Protein Powder, Chocolate Flavored) when I'm doing a lot of strength-training but don't otherwise use it regularly. If you aren't getting enough protein in your regular food, then it may be an option. The type I use is mainly from Pea Powder and I find it easy to take. I will probably have a container of it today since you reminded me of it. Costco sells all kinds of protein powders but they are also carrying a Pea Powder Chocolate style. The one I have is from plant sources only (which is a category getting more popular). I do not think that adding protein will necessarily boost your energy levels - only if you're deficient in the amount that you normally take in. My goal is a nutritional mix of about 1/3rd protein, 1/3rd fat and 1/3rd carbs but I find that hard to hit in actual practice. Carbs are usually 40-45 percent because they're generally more convenient. You need more carbs if you do a lot of aerobic stuff.

    I've read articles on protein supplements and what you should take and I think that there are some nutritional benefits to both Whey and other forms. I have not tried the Whey powders myself though I have used some energy bars with Whey protein in them. I would guess that the plant-based supplements would be easier to digest and maybe not as likely to result in nausea but I have no evidence on that.