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Hi all, I am new to the forum. My wife was diagnosed with rectal cancer on March 23rd of this year. We have already gone through new-adjuvant treatment as well as LAR surgery a few weeks ago. The final staging, according to the pathology report, was T2N0M0 or Stage I. We have a follow up appointment in a few weeks with the surgeon as well as her oncologist. The question that I have for the group is, will the probable recommendation be for adjuvant chemotherapy or not? I have been scouring the internet but i can't find a definitive answer. I am just looking to see if anyone else has been through the same staging and what course of action post neo-adjuvant treatment as well as surgery their oncologist recommended. Thanks for any help and God Bless. 




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    I've read that Stage I is

    I've read that Stage I is usually no, Stage II is where there's a lot of debate and Stage III is yes. But I'm far from an expert.

    There is a website where cancer hospitals add data to and discuss treatments and come up with standard recommended treatments and my oncologist gave me access to the site but I never signed up for it. I would guess that the site has the staging information along with recommend treatment plans. It would be best to talk to your oncologist or maybe get access to this website from your oncologist.

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    Can't help you on this but I'd definitely get a second opinion.  If her doctor doesn't seem comfortable with it then scrap that doctor altogether.  Good luck.


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    Second opinion

    I agree with Anabelle, get second opinion.

    I am stage one, plan was always to have chemo after surgery, since I skipped surgery, I opted for chemo, one surgeon agreed, one think is overkilling, oncologist agreed.

    Good luck to you!