Weird worried

Hello ,

I had some concerns about my enlarged lymph nodes

Here is myhistory I have a chronic epididymitis/orchitis in my left testicles that comes and goes not permenant and I have had a permenant enlarged right groin node that is normal I think bean.shaped small soft smooth pretty movable , and.once before.I had a swollen left node that was kinda the same as the right one but it shrinked by time.

However , this time my left groin.node grew again now it feels.weird like if its connected with another lymph node.its structure is very weird feels like its not hard but its worn out or something its not very movable.however its definitely not fixed and not hard nor soft its like a rubber/gummy structure I really dont know what it is but I keep.touching it alot and now.I have a pain in my upper thigh (muscular pain) idk if its related

Anyome have any thoughts ? 

Could this be caused by my chronic testicular thingy

Or is its structure more likely to be cancerous ? Thanks.


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    Time to pay the doctor a visit!

    Hello Mr Concerned,

    I am pretty sure no one here can reasonably diagnose your current issue... So the best advice we can offer is for you to see your doctor, who will likely be able to assess and treat your condition as well as reassure you.

    Do keep us posted.


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    So any comments about the weird structure

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    So any comments about the weird structure


    Mr, Concerned,

    I am a regular at the Prostate Board, and so your post interested me a little, although prostate cancer in general does not involve the testicles in any way.

    I agree with PBL that nothing much can be deduced from your node description.  A cancerous node really does not "Feel" any particular way, except that they are of course larger than normal.  A cancerous node can be hard or soft, firm or flimsy, rounded or misshaped. It can be sore or not sore, but usually they are not sore.  As PBL noted, if worried, you'll have to see your doc.

    But in general with your other medical factors "in the region," what you describe does not much suggest lymphoma to my layman's mind.