What do I do when told to wait and see if it grows

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I have been told that I have several spots in both lungs the largest is 10mm the smallest is 4.5mm but that there are several others mostly in the left lung . Have had PET and CT to confirm this and the Doctor said that he wanted to wait 6 months to see if there is growth . I already have COPD and breathing is difficult as it is . Should I be concerned or is this normal proceduer for this . I am a bit concerned as  I have coughing and have passed out from heavy coughing fits. 


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    I know that if you are older in age, there is supposed to be some allowable soptting on the lungs they consider 'lets just keep an eye on'. I saw someone else write about that. Check the posts. It sounds like your spots are pretty small in comparison to everyone who is having more action occur to them. If your concerened, just get your doctor notes and test results together and go get a second opinion. 

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    Hello Velcito,
    Lung nodules can be benign, or for some other reasons, like infection. Any biopsy done?
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    I went through a similiar

    I went through a similiar experiece, In 09 I was dx. NSCLC upper right lobe, treated in 2010 and was NED.  Two yrs. later I had a nodule in LLL which was found through CT.  My Onc. also wanted to wait for three mos. to see if it grew, which it did, at that point I had a VATS surgery where a wedge resection was done.  Many times these nodules are benign also but can understand your anxiety, but hopefully you have found out by now, as my response to your post is a little late.  I also have COPD and the surgery went well.