Flouride gels

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I quit using the Colgate gel for my trays because my teeth darkened a lot!

my dentist at home told me to try OralB NeutraCare.  

Has anyone tried this gel?  I am looking for one that doesn't stain teeth and that my insurance would cover. 


  • AnotherSurvivor
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    I use Rising DentaGel 1.1% it

    I use Rising DentaGel 1.1% it doesn't seem to darken.  It is a non-abrasive, meaning it's not a toothpaste, just a gel you coat your teeth with and leave on without rinsing.  I put it on at bedtime, and it isn't noticeable.  I like that it has no xylitol, mint, etc., basically no taste at all.  It's standard issue for my HMO (Kaiser-Perm).

  • Mavish
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    I use Neutragel from Germiphen (consists of sodium floride). It is not dying my teeth. I apply them using custom made silicon trays, aa recomended by my cancer dentist.