Lymph Nodes Enlarged

Breast cancer survivor past 5 years after mascetomy of right breast, one node positive, chemo. Last week I was told that my lymph were enlarged. Today during needle biopsy, they said cortex was thickened. I have not felt well for a while. I still get chemo drug Zometa every six months. I also take synthyroid  which I have been told can interact with Zometa. Any ideas?


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    Hi bdcam.

    Question for you.  Can you tell us where the swollen lymphnodes are located?  For Lymphoma diagnosis needle biopsy is not a good tool.  Does your Oncologist think it is related to your breast cancer?  In addition to having had NHL twice I am also a 2 times breast cancer surviver, 25 years and 9 years ago.

    Please let us know what the results show so we can further be of assistance.


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    Neither drug is a known

    Neither drug is a known carcinogen, apparently alone or in combination, so the source of any enlarged lymph nodes would most likely be found elsewhere. Infection would be the most likely scenario, although your history warrants the needle biopsy.