Stopping Chemotherapy before 4th Cycle

Hi there, I was diagnosed in March with Ovarian Cancer after finding one tumor, having surgery to remove that tumor & then finding even more tumors during the surgery. I have Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer & ended up losing my right ovary, a smidge of my left ovary, my appendix, & my omentum. I went through 3 cycles of BEP chemotherapy, we stopped in the middle of June before my 4th cycle could begin. After receiving my CT scan results I had grown another tumor despite chemo on my spleen & am now scheduled for another surgery in August to remove both the tumor & my spleen. 


My question is why did my menstrual cycle just now stop showing up. I had it all during my treatments, this is my first month not having one. I'm only 27 years old which is why I still have the 1 ovary left to keep my from going into menopause early. I had a tubal ligation done years ago before knowing I had Ovarian Cancer. So I'm almost positive I'm not pregnant, I'm not sure that I could even get pregnant at this point. I've heard of the menstrual cycle ending during chemo and then coming back a few months later but no one has mentioned losing it AFTER chemo.... My hair has already started growing back, it's been over a month since my last treatment...and ibhad them five days in a row for any advice???


Thanks everyone, god bless & a speedy recovery!! ♡♡


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    Dear Trista, first let me say

    Dear Trista, first let me say how I am so sorry you are having to deal with all of this.  I would suggest calling the doctors office and ask them about your menstural cycle.  Please come back and let us know how you are doing.  

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    Unusual Case

    Hi Trista,

    Yours if definitely an unusual case.  Nearly all of us have had all of our reproductive parts removed and went into surgical menopause immediately following our surgeries if we had not gone through it yet.  I wonder why they left your uterus if you had a tubal anyway.  Tubals are not fool proof and there is a small percent of women who end up pregnant even after this procedure.  If, however, you have active ovarian cancer, a pregnancy test is likely to show up as positive even if you are not pregnant because tumors often produce the hCG hormone.  I think you ought to discuss this with your doctor.  There are many reasons for skipped periods.  I hope all is well.