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Just diagnosed at 55.  No symptoms other than WBC that climbed over two years to 20k.  Gp thought at first it was allergies or just something I was fighting like sinus or cold But due to the continue climb sent me to local Oncologist.  He looked at my recent blood test and pre diagnosed cll.  Took 4  of blood and told me to come back in a week.   I was in Complete shock.  I work out daily in great shape active my life is good until this bombshell.  I immediately schedule a second doctor recommended he is envolved in clinical studies and  the head of the cancer center at a larger teaching hospital.  He indicated he believed it is c also took 18 tubes of blood i believe more to test  also schedule pet scan and MRI.  I anticipate he will diagnose in more detail type of Cll and provide more direction.  Two questions should I get a 3rd opinion and if I have the same outcome who do I tell?   I have kids, big family friends not sure what to do and how they will react.  Will they treat me differently?  So hard carrying this around like I'm hiding something 


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    From Experience

    Super dad, . . Get the third opinion, never hurts. Tell your wife and kids, the support you will get will make a huge impact on your life, discuss telling your friends and family with them.  Do NOT try to go through this without them.  Nobody should treat you any differently, especially family.  I am 44, was diagnosed at 3years old.  I can honestly tell you, attitude and support definitely makes a huge difference in recovery.  If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.  

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    Let folks know

    Superdad get the third opinion. Remove all doubt and then you can be solid in what you need to do.

    Talk to your family. It is important for them to know and they will be of great support to you. I look at it this way. If some back away, dont worry about them. There are many reasons people pull back. Thats not your issue. Yours is to jump in with both feet and take care of your life.


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    Let Folks Know

    I hope you have chosen to let your friends and family in. I am currently recovering from robotic prostatectomy less than 2 weeks ago, after being diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer in July. I am about to turn 72 and am a mostly retired clinical social worker. I do not believe in secrets, and have been open and straightforward with my friends and family about my situation. It is the unknowns that create the most anxiety for us, waiting on the biopsy report, waiting on the path report, waiting on the first PSA, etc. Having people along for the ride, or at least being aware of the situation, has been very helpful for me.

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    Let Fkolks now

    i was diagboes in january with CLL even though i know i was positive more then that, do not have a good relationship my my family so i do not want to cause a burden for none of them , untill today I can handle it on my own. Breaking this news to my 86 year old mother will be devastating she already lost two sons to health issues, i spoke to my son who lives abroad about what I want when ia am gone, i feel that is sufficient, any advice?


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    I think you should share the

    I think you should share the news with your family and close friends, believe me that their support will help you and might even ease part of your journey. 

    Regarding the 3rd opinion, I would wait to have a definite diagnostic and then proceed to see a specialist to see if they offer any other treatment or another course of action.

    Best of luck and hang in there!