Duodenal adenocarcinoma

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My dad, age 83, was just diagnosed with duodenal adenocarcinoma in the top section.  He is not a candidate for whipple or for chemo, only palliative radiation.  The adenocarcinoma is bleeding, now controlled, but has not spread beyond the duodenum. They have said 6 month survival, but it is moderately diffused and they said if they had to stage it, it would be 2 or 3.  Does anyone have any insight as to what we we should expect??


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    Have you talked with his oncologist about his palliative care? I had partial whipple and now doing chemo my stage 3A tumour was in the middle so they took out 1.5 feet I sincerely hope your dad can focus on the good things left in life My good thoughts are with you