Day +5


1/2 way through the stem cell transplant! So far so good. The sitting around is soooo hard! I feel like Jabba the Hut! Sit in the chair and have food brought around the clock. Walking space is very limited. Not sleeping much, but I dont do anything to get tired. Thank goodness for electronics. Counts are in the toilet & dropping. Probably getting transfusions tomorrow. From what you have all told me, this is the hard part now. Thank you all for your wealth of information! You have definitely made this easier for me.


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    Hard part

    This may be the hardest part, but it's doable!  You can do it!   I'm 10 month out from my Autologous SCT, and look back now.  I was fatigued, had some sores in my throat, and ran to the bathroom a lot. BUT I DID IT!  I had several transfusions.  Just part of the ordeal! 

    I walked the halls, went outside or sat in the waiting rooms when I could because my room was quite tiny! And yes electronics were my gateway to the numerous people that I couldn't visit with in person, which was just about everyone. I even had a few massages!!

    I lost my appetite even though I really never thought that would happen. The hospital I was in actually had really good food, so missed out on that when my appetite left. I seemed to zero in on kellogs sugar Frosted Flakes for some reason! So that's what I ate for the most part. 

    We're here for you! 



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    There is a dichotomy between mind and body

    In my case, my body was convinced that it was dying. Yet, my mind knew that the prognosis was good and that all was following the plan. This disconnect was what I refer to as a two-week "near death experience." It was by far the strangest experience of my life. I mostly curled up in the bed and was unconscious for much of two weeks. There was a point at which speaking  - even thinking - simply took too much energy. Once the cells engrafted, it all turned around.