Tests between treatments


Hi , my mom just finished 3 rounds of chemo her first week of radiation and dr want her do the investigation test on next week , I wonder what will include in this test ( blood test , pap , ct...ect) ? 

I hope I can receive your feedback as soon as possible .

Thank you.


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    peipei94, It's hard to guess

    peipei94, It's hard to guess what the doctor may do. I only had blood test while on chemo. I had a CT AFTER I finished all frontline treatment. That being said, I did have pelvic exams every 3 months and continue to do so 1.5 years later. They typically do exams every 3 months for the first two years and then move to every 6 months for 3 more years.

    If you are concerned, why not give the office a call and ask them?

    I hope your mom is doing well.

    Love and Hugs,