Can Chemo/Radiation cause arthritis

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Hello everyone I'm a survivor of colorectal cancer and now in remission -1 year now.

My question is this; has anyone besides myself experienced arthritis after treatments of radiation and chemo?



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    I developed arthritis as well as osteoporosis from radiation and other permanent damage from the chemo. I'm not sure if the chemo contributed to the arthritis. Chemo and radiation can also do continual harm to our internal organs long after we've had it. The heavy-metals and toxins in chemo aren't easy to flush from the body so illnesses can pop up twenty years from now without us even considering the chemo may have caused it. Radiation damages DNA which can cause more cancer, or new primaries; also years later. There are ways we can protect ourselves from the damage. I eat a lot of seaweed to try and combat the radiation, and there are certain foods that some claim will bind to the heavy-metals in our bodies and flush them out. Maybe these things will help with the arthritis. The main thing that helps me with it is exercise and lots of water. I eat vegan and have felt so much better since starting that. 

    I hope this helps!



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    Welcome to the forum, DesAnn

    I also have arthiritis caused by the radiation. Mine is in the hips, though I have it elsewhere, but thats just old age. I have limited movement in my hip joints, which is bothersome. I am working on it with yoga, and diet. 


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    I am still in chemo, but I have found supplements help me with the joint pain.  I take calcium, vitamin D, glucosamin/Chondroitin/MSM, among others.  Maybe the benefit is merely psychological, but what the heck, even that helps.   I hope this is not permanent, but we all struggle along the best we can.