I had PET/CT 2 weeks ago,all clear  .I now have growth on tongue 2 weeks later .Is this possibly cancer?


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    after PET/CT

    can Cancer come back that  fast ?

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    A. Probably not.

    A. Probably not.

    B. 'A growth' is somewhat ambiguous.  You can get abscesses that can be fully enclosed that grow quickly.  That usually involves a CT scan for diagnostics, a lance to open the abscess, antibiotics to clean up the infection.  None of that is done by amatures, so you'll need to schedule with a doc or head to an urgent care facility.  

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    Weird Growth

    I had one right in the middle of my tongue almost all the way back at the end.  Thought the exact same thing as you.  My Oral Surgeon, who is part of my C team cut it out.  He said it was just a benign growth with no explanation of why it did what it did.  Maybe the rads messed up the cells and they grew a weird bump.  Now I have crease scar down the middle of it.  Not that it matters.

    But no, it's very doubtful you have cancer back that fast.  The PET would have shown the highlighted cells.